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In the many years Harry and I have been together, we’ve traveled by car a good bit:  from the shores of Lake Superior to the Florida Keys; from South Carolina to San Francisco; along the Pacific coast highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles; and from Montreal, Quebec, to the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. Harry loved rural landscape and photographed large Maine barns, southern tobacco barns, trees, marshes, mountains, and everything in between. Harry used these photographic images as subjects for his watercolor landscapes. I have selected 10 of these landscapes to have Giclée* digital prints made.

The 10 Giclée* prints of my own (Dee’s) artwork, represented here, comes from a different kind of place, my imagination. I will be adding more images in the future of both of our works.

We hope that you like our work, and will be interested in ordering a print.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dee at:   hhansen2@sc.rr.com

* Giclée* prints are fine art digital prints, using fade-resistant, archival inks, printed on watercolor paper.